Welcome to the Thai Carving World !

Welcome !!!
This website is designed to draw your attention to an ancient art form that has fascinated me for some time : Thai carving.
Using a Thai knife with a flexible blade, talented carvers are able to sculpt simple fruits and vegetables into fine art.
This ancient art is a testimonial to Thai culture and religion, dating back to the 14 th century.

Around the world vegetable and fruit sculptures are frequently used as ornaments and decorations in fine restaurants.
Please note: Sometimes Thai carving is not performed in its original form because instruments other than a Thai knife are used.
I believe that such traditions must be honoured.
By honouring these traditions, cultural history will be preserved.

I’m very proud to have learned this art in its traditional form.
This traditional technique can also be used with soap, creating beautiful flower designs, etc.
The pictures included in this website are a sample of my work.